Thursday, 11 February 2010


For our thriller we will use a wide range of equipment ranging from the obvious, such as a camera, and right down to the software we will use to edit the footage and creat a soundtrack to accompany the thriller.

Here is a list of the equipment we will use to create our thriller opening sequence:

Still Camera- the still camera will be used to take still images of certain shots and also some of our work in process

Camcorder- the camcorder will be used to shoot our footage and is possibly the most vital part of our whole thriller project.

Tripod- the tripod will be used whilst filming to help gain a steady shot and to maintain a professional style manner for our thriller.

Apple iMac: we will use the apple iMac to upload all of our footage to and it contains the programme's we need to edit the footage properly and professionally and also to create a soundtrack which is a very vital part in every thriller opening.

Garage band: this is the software we will use to create the soundtrack for our thriller practice.

Final cut- this is the programme we will be using to create the transitions and to edit overall our thriller to help put it into a chronological order and to add various effects titles and so on.

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