Thursday, 11 February 2010

Production Roles In Detail

We have allocated production roles for each of the members of our group. The production roles we have allocated are roles that we think are suitable for each member and are roles in which they will be able to show their real potential and skill they have at their position.

Rebecca Hewings' position in the group is the cinematographer as this a position she really enjoys and has a good idea of how to use the camera to make it feel like a thriller and to make the audience feel involved and give them a sense of the 'fear of the unknown'.
Annabelle Monks' role is the main female character who is being shown in the opening sequence as the character being stalked. Annabelle is also the producer of the opening sequence as she is able to construct an idea and generate it into a good piece of footage.
Ryan Brook's job in our group is the sound engineer as he has high level of skill of being able to create music that is for a specific genre without telling the audience what genre it is.

We decided as a group that we would all take the position of being the director as we all had a huge input on the idea of our opening sequence and how it was going to shown in the footage. We also decided as group that we would all take part in the editing of our footage as this is one of the main tasks that all of us would like to participate in.

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