Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Feedback From Andrea

Andrea gave us some constructive criticism which we have worked hard to change and to make our opening sequence a to the highest standard of quality.

  • Andrea informed us that we needed to focus on how we are going portray the feeling of paranoia.
    - To change this we decided to add effects to our footage when editing to exaggerate the feeling. We are also going to make sure that our camerawork and the sound we add will help create the feeling of paranoia and eeriness.
  • Andrea convinced us that we should not film at night as it could be very problematic as the footage would not be of a high quality.
    -We took this into consideration as decided that for some of our shot we will film at dusk and other we shall film in the day, however when we film we shall change the brightness and contrast to create a dark night feeling. Les Tombres was a good influence on us for how we could create a night atmosphere.
  • Andrea also advised us to develop our idea to something else than just following a girl otherwise we are at risk of boring our audience.
    - As a group we thought long and hard about how we could improve our idea. We choose to have a twist in our story, to catch the audience off card and hopefully give them a thrill which will keep their attention. Our film is going to consist of a lot of different camerawork angles and effects to reinforce that our genre is a thriller.

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