Thursday, 11 March 2010

feedback from our class:

  • nice over the shoulder shots (x2)
  • clips are too long but well thought out (make them shorter)
  • handheld is nice but some bits are too shaky
  • really good credits
  • titles fit well with designated scenes
  • shorter bus scenes
  • shorter scenes
  • more angles
  • more jumping cuts
  • sudden cuts in music
  • good opening music - compatible with the viewers thinking (unsure of what is going on)
  • bobotronic
  • change of music in same scene/location - why?
  • sound is far too repetitive and random
  • hoody symbolises mysteriousness
  • Damsel in distress
  • dark soundtrack
  • mystery - dont get to see his face
  • Chase

certain aspects of the feedback we disagree with such as the comment on needing more angles we feel for the length of the thriller there were enough different shots and the variety was good, we could change the length of some scenes however we felt that would affect the amount of information we need the audience to see. We agree with all the criticisms of our music, as we did not manage our time too well the soundtrack was not our final product.

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