Thursday, 18 March 2010

response from t1-29

Here is what we thought about your title sequence, we'll start off with the good points:

- We believed your title credits were very professional
- Continuity of the title sequence was also very fluent, and match on action was used throughout
- Good use of different camera shots for example the close up of Annabelle under the table and the over the shoulder shot in cambridge center
- The soft music gives an eerie experience
- The jump cuts of the music add to the drama

Now, the constructive criticism
- It appears that you composed your music before you had finished ordering and editing, as when the shot flicks to annabelle momentarily, the music doesn't follow timing
- The over the shoulder shot from Ryan was quite shaky
- Although there was good continuity, the weather isn't quite the same when annabelle gets on the bus to when she leaves the bus. We do understand that you only had one and a half hour slots though

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