Thursday, 18 March 2010

Feedback from T1-25

- When using the over the shoulder shot with handheld could of been a bit more steady as it loses the viewers focus on the situation.
-The shots were framed well.
-There was a good variety of medium and long shots, with a few close ups thrown in.
-The shooting material suits the genre due to the stalker victim combo.
-The location suited when she was being stalked however when she was under the table it was incoherent. Lighting was good due to the dark room, when under the table.
-The editing worked well so it was apparent to the viewer what was happening, with straight cuts not to confuse the viewer.
-The sound was the same all the way through, which was good with the added synth sounds.
-Titles are very good, especially the one on the varnish, and the Editor one along the road, helping it blend into the scenery.

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