Thursday, 28 January 2010

Blog advice from Andrea

Your blog is designed to evidence the research and planning you have done before you start filming your thriller.
A blog in the 'excellent' category could include some of the following detail:

1. Analysis of student thriller - YES
2. More than one detailed analysis of real thriller openings - YES
3. Practise soundtrack for your thriller - YES
4. Practise soundtrack for Taking Lives intro - YES
5. Production company logo - YES
6. Definition of thriller, outline of different sub-genres and hybrids -
7. Analysis of examples of political, psychological, action thriller and crime thriller - INCOMPLETE
8. Initial ideas post - YES
9. Final idea post - for pitch - YES
10. Influences and the thriller generic conventions you intend to explore
11. Mood board - YES
12. Research into other films of similar sub-genres - YES
13. Props list - with illustrations - YES
14. Details of costumes - with illustrations - YES
15. Location report - where you intend to film, if it is a public place then you need to consider the logistics of filming there. If it is private property you must seek permission from the owner. - YES
16. Complete shot list - YES
17. Completed storyboard - YES
18. Test footage with a full explanation as to the technique you were testing and how successful the test was.
19. Details of when you intend to film (dates, times and places), who is responsible for bringing what props etc, what actors are needed and who is in charge of ensuring the actors are informed of times and locations.
20. Practise titles, consider the job titles and the names you wish to include. Do some research into titles. Look at Saul Bass as an industry expert in title sequences.

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