Sunday, 31 January 2010

Props List for our thriller opening sequence

To create our thriller sequence we are going to need props in our footage. The props we are going to use in our film are...
  • A mobile phone. The girls thats being stalked starts to realise someone is behind her and she gets scared and get out her phone to call someone and tell them she think someone is following her.
  • A lollipop, This well be use to show the vulnerability and the age of the girl. She will be eating the sweet as she is walking through town to get home.
  • Hoodie, the boy will be wearing a hoodie to keep his identity hidden from the audience. Wearing a hoodie is a bit stereotypical however if you were being followed by a boy in a hoodie at dusk you would get a bit worried and curious.
  • Pictures of the girl, we are going to show pictures of the girl that the boy has on his possession to show that he is obsessed with the girl and that it's not just a random stalk.
  • Handbag, the girl will be carrying her handbag as she makes her journey home which symbalising her finishing college and going straight home.

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