Monday, 18 January 2010

Student Thriller Analysis

Error Code

Error Code starts off with computer information been showing on the screen, as you would
see if a computer had a malfunction.
It the fades into a man in a hoodie, walking down the street at night. You can hear the wind howling through the footage, resembelling the sort of night he is walking alone in.
The error code then reappears with more information being show, meaning the error code is
still processing.
The camera them starts to shake and you start to feel all confused as you cant really see whats going on. This is a good way to get the audiences attention as they are trying to concentrate whats going on.

Error code is successful as it leave a lot to the imagination. It also plays on the fear of the unknown. There is very little sound during the footage which also helps to not reveal to much about the plot.

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