Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Thriller Thrive

Why are thrillers successful and enjoyed by audiences?
‘Thriller’ comes from the word thrill. A thriller consists of what happens in life but with a difference of emotional disturbances. A thriller gives the audience an experience that we like to call ‘shake-ups’ that gets your heart racing and your attention is fully on the screen. The thrills that you get from watching it on the big screen is artificial, however it’s the best encounter you can get with a thriller with knowing your safe and not in harms way. Thrillers are successful as they give the audience thrills during the movie, resulting in them jumping and kept on the edge of their seat, keeping their full attention on the screen. Audiences pay to see thrillers as they are able to give the viewer an adrenaline rush, which some people are addicted to as it gets their heart racing. Thrillers are able to give the audience an experience that no other film can give you. They are so unpredictable that viewer doesn’t know what’s going to happen next, they are glued to their seat dazzled by the screen itching to find out how it’s going to plan out. Thrillers use a special technique where they use a vulnerable character that they make the audience fall in love with and become attached too, before they become endangered. They then make you feel like you are a part of that person so you put yourself in their shoes. This gives the viewer a real sense of danger, even though they are in fact just sitting in a chair. Thrillers are good at showing you what’s going to happen without giving it away, this is when the unexpected appears and shocks you. The big screen is really clever at making the thriller seem like we are in great danger as we feel we’re a part of the film. However our subconscious kicks in and we are aware that we are sitting in an arm chair, safe and secure.

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