Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Conventions of a Thriller


Damsel in distress - there is usually a vulnerable female character who needs to be saved.
Complex narratives - non-linear films, beginning with the ending and things like flashbacks confuse the audience.
Location - putting a character in a familiar place e.g a house can give a false sense of security.
Fear of the unknown - not revealing too much keeps the audience intrigued and interested.
Protagonists - a character in danger that can adapt to the story, become interested in things that something that they wouldn't of before.
Identity - (doppelganger) having a character with a split identity.
Suspense - sound, silence and music and create a sense of suspense keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.
Lighting - dark lighting would be used in a thriller. Shadows are a good use of lighting. e.g Film noir
Objectification of women - getting pleasure from looking at something you shouldn't be.


The opening of vertigo included a few conventions. Initially there is a close up of a woman's eyes which is objectification of women. Her face is very lowly lit and covered in shadows, this implies something dark about her. The use of the music conveys a sense of suspension of what might be about to happen. A lot of time is spent showing colorful spirals which are implied to be inside her mind, this gives an impression that her mind may be spiraling itself.

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