Thursday, 28 January 2010

Soundtrack Practice

We got given a task to create a soundtrack to 5 minutes of footage from the film Taking Lives.
We first watch the footage with out any sound and had to imagine how we thought the soundtrack would be like. We then go to watch the footage with original soundtrack, which was completely different to how we thought, but gave us a good idea for our own soundtrack we were going to create.
We decided to start the sound of just as the logo's were finishing. The music we choose for the beginning was a creepy beat to give the audience an idea of what type of film they were watching. We decided to have the music build up when the action started as we thought it created a much more mysterious atmosphere.
We wanted to make the music eerie as the footage itself shocked us and itself was a bit creepy, so we thought it fitted well.

The fact that we weren't able to create 5 minutes of sound for the footage, was real eye opener to us at how long and difficult it is to create a soundtrack. We learnt from this task that we have to allow ourselves more time for our own soundtrack for our opening sequence.

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